The Story Behind the Story

The desperate days after Hurricane Katrina filled me with a sense of urgency, wanting to raise money for those affected by the hurricane and subsequent flooding while it was still fresh on everyone’s mind. This book tells some of the story of my daughter’s harrowing experience. I worked feverishly through the month of October, 2005 painting a picture every two days. I approached publishers only to be told they didn’t want any more books about Hurricane Katrina; I really wanted to have copies of the book available by Christmas, so I had twenty-five copies printed with spiral binding at a local print shop December 24th the same year. The book was later published by Trafford and is now available to you. I continue to send a portion of the proceeds to contribute to feeding groups in New Orleans. Although it has been 15 years since Hurricane Katrina, many people are still displaced and struggling to adjust to changes forced upon them by events beyond their control.

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