About the Author

I’m a dreamer, a writer, and an artist, inspired by the wonder of Nature. I enjoy the simple pleasures of life — trees blooming and changing colors, sun gleaming on mountains, the way raindrops splash. The fascinating sky fills me with awe — sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, the deep blue color fading imperceptibly, the changing shapes and wispy streaks of clouds floating by…

Growing up in New Jersey, I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1973 in search of Sasquatch. My two children are grown, a son and a daughter. My travels have taken me to Africa, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the United States; I have fun meeting people wherever I go and learning about their culture and music.

I had a dream of living in harmony with Nature with renewable resources, solar and wind powered with vegetable gardens and fruit trees. A place where I could write and illustrate children’s books and play piano and marimba and other instruments.

After retiring in 2016, I found myself in the mythical city of Port Townsend, on the Salish Sea where creativity flourishes with artists, writers and musicians. A place where eagles soar and deer graze in the fresh breeze flowing up from the water. The majestic mountains are nearby; the stars shine brightly and there is an abundance of wildlife.